October 15-17, 2021 - Halifax, Nova Scotia

About the event

In October 2020, the Hellifax Horror Film Festival screened 52 horror shorts over 3 days to hundreds of film fans. A screenplay competition resulted in a Top 10 list of the top new voices in horror screenwriting.  We shared the work of filmmakers from around the world – making Hellifax truly an international festival.

In October 2021, Hellifax is expanding to include horror feature films in addition to shorts and a screenplay competition. The fest will be two days jam-packed with the best in new horror entertainment.


Halifax Nova Scotia (exact location TBD)


16-17 October, 2021 (Saturday and Sunday)


Event schedule

Day 1

15 OCT 2021
8:00 PM

Welcome Event

Day 2

16 OCT 2021
9:00 AM

Feature film

11:30 AM

Feature film

1:30 PM

Shorts 1

3:30 PM

Shorts 2

06:00 PM

Feature film

8:30 PM

Feature film

Day 3

17 OCT 2021
9:00 AM

Shorts 3

11:30 AM

Feature film

2:00 PM

Shorts 4

4:30 PM

Feature film

07:00 PM

Awards Announcements


Our Advisory Board Members

Bente Maalen

Bente Maalen is a film producer with the production company Blaane Film, and is a founder and Producer of Ramaskrik Horror Film Festival in Norway. She had her debut as a producer with two short films in the fall of 2019 and has several feature films and tv-series in the pipeline.

Cory Bowles

An actor, director, screenwriter, dancer and choreographer born in Montreal and grew up in Truro, Nova Scotia. He is an African-Nova Scotian, most known for his directorial feature debut, Black Cop (TIFF 2017) and his recurring role on Trailer Park Boys.

Josh MacDonald

Writer-director of the award-winning horror short GAME. Also the writer of the horror feature THE CORRIDOR (IFC Films), which won Josh the “Next Wave— Best Screenplay Award” at Austin, Texas’ influential FANTASTIC FEST.

Donna Davies

Donna Davies is a writer, producer, director, and owner of Ruby Tree Films. Davies has made dozens of award-winning films that have screened at festivals internationally and aired on networks such as CBC, Bravo, The Movie Network, IFC, HBO, Netflix, Hulu, Starz, and EPIX.

Todd Brown

An experienced festival programmer and founder of, Todd joined XYZ Films in 2009 as Head of Int. Acquisitions. He's served as producer or EP on a wide range of Cannes, Toronto and Sundance titles such as THE RAID, SPRING, BUSHWICK, XX and many more.

Associate Programmer – Britney Canzi is an emerging latinx producer and writer. Professional actor/voice actor in the Film and Television industry for over ten years. She studied screenwriting at George Brown College. In 2019 she produced and acted in the horror-comedy short film Presents (Gold for est Comedy – Royal Wolf Film Fest). In 2018 she produced, wrote, and acted in the horror short film Nuisance


About the event organizers

Angus Swantee is a life-long fan of the horror genre. As a filmmaker, his work has screened at over 100 festivals worlwide, winning a number of awards. After attending horror festivals in Canada and the US and discovering the close-knit horror community, he wanted to help build a similar experience for horror fans in Nova Scotia. He c0-founded Hellifax in 2020.

Some of his films can be seen on YouTube.

Walter Forsyth is a filmmaker, programmer, film fan and co-founder of Hellifax. He currently works for the Lunenburg Doc Fest, has programmed for the Atlantic International Film Festival, co-founded the Canadian Surf Film Festival, volunteered for the Sundance Film Fest and initiated the Halifax Independent Filmmakers Festival, now in its 14th year.

Details about his film work can be found on the website for his production company Georgeous Mistake.


Park Lane, 5657 Spring Garden Rd, Halifax, NS B3J 3R4


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Tickets will go onsale in September

Past Fest:

In October 2020, Hellifax screened 52 Official Selections:

-A Noise That Carries (Canada) Director:  Guillermo de la Rosa Producer:  Steven Czikk
-Antique (Norway) Director:  Morten Haslerud Producer:  Morten Haslerud
-Axe to the Face (United States) Director:  Andrew Moorehead Producer:  Glen Gannon
-Black and White and Dead All Over (Canada) Director:  Alex Brewer Producer:  Alex Brewer
-Blackout (Canada) Director:  Naomi Silver-Vézina Producer:  Naomi Silver-Vézina
-Bloodshed (Canada) Director:  Paolo Mancini, Daniel Watchorn Producer:  Paolo Mancini, Daniel Watchorn
-Box Fort (United States) Director:  Tyler Czajkowski Producer:  Bianca Crespo, Zach Strouse, Ian Abell, Nick Czajkowski, Zoe LoMenzo
-BRUXISM (Australia) Director:  Jack Bell Producer:  Olivia O’Brien
-Cadaueris Exquis (Mexico) Director:  Rodrigo Lopez-Portillo, Enrique Manzo Escamilla, Eduardo Javier Castellanos, Helena Aguilera Producer:  Rodrigo Lopez-Portillo, Helena Aguilera
-Council House and Violent (United Kingdom) Director:  Ross Graham Producer:
-Couriers (United States) Director:  Rob Fee Producer:  Mayron Baptiste , Brandon Hula
-Create Your Killer (Sweden) Director:  Sarah Giercksky Producer:  Sarah Giercksky
-Death’s Toll (Canada) Director:  Spencer Hetherington Producer:  Spencer Hetherington, Rob Hetherington
-Downstairs (Bulgaria) Director:  Luciano Ivanov Producer:  Alexandros Yiasemi, Luciano Ivanov, Denis Stoilov
-Empty Windows  (United States) Director:  Andrew Rosenstein, Joseph Rosenstein Producer:  Andrew Rosenstein
-Evenfall (Australia) Director:  Dean Butler Producer:  Robert Faulkner
-Fair Prey (United States) Director:  Ryan Rosenblum Producer:  Ryan Rosenblum
-First Bite (Canada) Director:  Vincenzo Nappi Producer:
-Gnaw (Canada) Director:  Struan Sutherland Producer:  André Pettigrew
-Go Back (United States) Director:  Matthew Barber, Nathaniel Barber Producer:  Nathaniel Barber
-Head Down (Canada) Director:  Benjamin Stewart Producer:  Jon Landry
-Horrorscope (Spain) Director:  Pol Diggler Producer:  Fergaht Productions
-HOUSEHOLD DEMONS (United States) Director:  John Gray Producer:  John Gray, Melissa Jo Peltier, p.g.a.
-Inflatio (United States) Director:  Bryon Evans Producer:  Shannon Balazs, Bryon Evans
-KEEP MUM (United Kingdom) Director:  Luana Di Pasquale Producer:  Lisa Turnbull
-Make A Wish (United States) Director:  Dinh Thai Producer:  Diane Foster, Edward Hong, Josephine Chang
-Meat Lovers (United States) Director:  Daniel Stebbins Producer:  JT Schindler
-Mommy’s Little Monster (United States) Director:  Patrick Green Producer:  Vanessa Perez
-NOM  (Spain) Director:  Angel Hernández Suarez Producer:  Angel Hernández Suarez
-Off Fleek (United Kingdom) Director:  Steven Dorrington Producer:  Cara Weatherley
-Oh Deer (United States) Director:  Richard C. Jones Producer:  Jason Wehling, Jenny Goddard Garcia, Kelly Williams
-Pepper (Canada) Director:  Kate Felix Producer:  Kate Felix
-#pornrevenge (Spain) Director:  Ignacio López Vacas Producer:  Alberto Fernández, Víctor Paniagua
-Presents (Canada) Director:  Colin MacDonald Producer:  Colin Macdonald, Britney Canzi
-REBORN (United States) Director:  Alexandria Collins Producer:  Diana Ward
-Regret (Canada) Director:  Santiago Menghini Producer:  Dominique Dussault, Max Walker, Santiago Menghini
-SAVE 2.0 (Spain) Director:  Ivan Sainz-Pardo Producer:  Ivan Sainz-Pardo
-SCRIPT  (Italy) Director:  Piero Cannata Producer:  Piero Cannata
-Shadow At The Door (United States) Director:  Roshni “Rush”  Bhatia Producer:  Andrew Mayne
-She Thought She Was Alone in the House During Quarantine (Canada) Director:  Sean Stanley Producer:  Christina Bardes
-Sleep Tight  (United Kingdom) Director:  Lewis Taylor Producer:  Jack Pollington (Producer), Mark Field (Executive Producer)
-STALAG III-C (Belarus) Director:  Jason Rogan Producer:  Jason Rogan, Yury Gromik, Constantine Samarin
-Swipe (Netherlands) Director:  Niels Bourgonje Producer:  Steffie van Rhee
-The Curse (Czech Republic) Director:  Dimitri Kanjuka Producer:  Dimitri Kanjuka, Roman Dvořák, Štěpán Radina
-The Greatest Horror Film Ever Made (United States) Director:  Brandon Jordan Producer:  Brandon Jordan, Jessica Black
-The Long Walk Back (United Kingdom) Director:  Eyre and Ely , Sam Retford  Producer:
-The Purgamentum (Canada) Director:  Julie Bruns, Steven Kammerer, Shawn Major Producer:  Julie Bruns, Shawn Major, Steven Kammerer
-The Soul Collector (United States) Director:  Nick Peterson Producer:  Mali Elfman, Michael May, Nick Peterson
-The Survivors – Episode 1 (United States) Director:  Daniel Waghorne Producer:
-There’s Someone In The Garden (United Kingdom) Director:  Nicholas Cole Producer:  Margot Douglas
-Unmade (United Kingdom) Director:  Steven Sheil Producer:  Emmeline Kellie
-What We Found Out There (Canada) Director:  Karl Kimmel Producer:  Karl Kimmel
-Wondering Eyes (Canada) Director:  Jared Carney Producer:  Jared Carney
-Wrong Day (United Kingdom) Director:  Doug Rollins Producer:  Nina Romain

From the scripts submissions, 10 finalists were assigned the following rankings by the Hellifax jury:

-Inked In Blood Short (United States) Paul Corricelli
-Damned Supper (Canada) Ariel Hansen
-Lucy (United States) Tonia Kempler
-Sight Specific (United States) Peter Hardy
-The Dead Plains (United States) Paul Corricelli
-Parcopresis (United States) P. Thrasher
-Closet Space (United States) Glenn Lissner
-The Child (United States) Tonia Kempler
-If You Can’t See It (United States) Amaris Gagnon
-Bitch (United States) Jason Bradford

A jury made up of local filmmakers selected the following films for special recognition.

Best Film – THE SOUL COLLECTOR (dir. Nick Peterson)
Best Director – REGRET (dir. Santiago Menghini)
Best Actress – UNMADE (Olivia Newton)
Best Actor – EVENFALL (Dean Butler)
Best Story – EVENFALL (writer Dean Butler)
Best Cinematography – BLOODSHED (cinematographer Christian Bielz)
Best Score – THE LONG WALK BACK (composer Ashley MA Walsh)
Best Editing – OFF FLEEK (editor Tristan Syrett)
Best Horror Comedy – MAKE A WISH (dir. Dinh Thai)
Best Poster – MEAT LOVERS (artist Daniel Stebbins)
Best Visual FX – HOUSEHOLD DEMONS (dir. John Gray)
Best Practical FX – MEAT LOVERS
Scariest Film – STALAG III – C (dir. Jason Rogan)
Best Villain/Monster – EVENFALL
Audience Award – BOX FORT (director Tyler Czajkowski)
Audience Award Runner-Up – COUNCIL HOUSE AND VIOLENT (director Ross Graham)

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